The Walk In The Park

This little man is getting therefore close to walking! He went through slow crawling to fast-moving and pulling up SO QUICK! He’s cruising all-around – from ottoman to couch plus back. He’s also therefore curious and loves to see what exactly is inside things – drawers, cupboards, etc. He’s more interested than his after-dinner routine often begins like this: Let's do this. Often spoken as loudly as the capital letters imply.

And then E-Man runs to put on his shoes, grabs his helmet, gets put into his car seat, and then our little red hatchback flies off into the night. No quiet time or winding downtime for this family.
We often reach the park at around 9 pm. I know, most other toddlers are in bed before eight, but ours goes to bed about 10, well, ok 10-ish. I finish work late and because he has nothing better to do during the day than to sleep, eats, poop, and play, so the night is family bonding time.

We almost always go to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. It’s a beautiful space with a waterway running through it.
We often spend our time playing with this spinning top catapult that you catapult into the air so you can watch it fly with the breeze with its inbuilt LED light flickering away amongst the park lamps.  E-Man loves this especially because he gets to pick up the top wherever it lands. Sometimes our spinning top catapult attracts other young kids who stop and watch us play.

Sometimes I let them have a go as well. Most other times we bring our big bottle of bubbles and let E-Man run after the bubbles.


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