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Desmond Demond Bryant is a pro football wide receiver and now is a free agent. He played college ball at Oklahoma State, where he earned All-American honors in 2008. 2010 NFL Draft into the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the and has earned three Pro Bowls..Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is not free from drama with quarterback Dak Prescott during the second quarter of an NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles..

With receiver Josh Gordon undergoing treatment for his battle with substance abuse, the Browns have considered the veteran receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant, 29, has remained unsigned after being released by Dallas early in 2018. One of the most controvercial receivers in Cowboys history, Bryant did not set any records in 2017. with the dissappointing stats which include 69 passes for 838 yards and six touchdowns. Please note, I include affiliate links within this post to support the maintenance and development of this site. Get these jerseys here before they are gone forever.

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Welcome to Elastic Workout, where you have the ability to be elastic with your workout from no weight and no gym to the full blown free weight explosion. Post your questions and respond to others and help keep everyone motivated to just get up and workout. Move to the Elastic Workout.
Please note, I include affiliate links within this post to support the maintenance and development of this site,

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